Data Portal Landing Page

Welcome to your Data Portal Landing Page! The Data Portal is a personalized platform that contains all information unique to your Partnership. We have a library of user guides to help you navigate the Data Portal, linked below.

This is a view of the Portal Landing Page, which serves as the Home Screen for your Data Portal. The left menu is your navigation bar. The main portion on the right contains Quick Links to key information about your Partnership.

Clicking the lightening bolt in the top left corner of your screen will bring you back to the Landing Page. Clicking "Back to Learn to Be" will bring you back to your Partner Dashboard.

All Partner Admins have access to the information on the Data Portal, not just the Partner Owner Admin!

Data Portal Guides - Tutors and Students

Tutors Page

Student Page

Tutoring Connections

Tutoring Sessions

Data Portal Guides - How To

Partner Settings Page

Search and Filter

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