Tutors Page

Partner Admins at Learn To Be can access and view all tutors within their partnership. This section allows you to view all tutors in one area or click onto a specific tutor to view their individual information.

Want to see how many tutors you have?

Visit the Tutors Page in your Data Portal!


Below is a view of the tutors tab. The left menu is your primary navigation with links to your Partnership's main data pages, and the columns in this view show information relevant to each tutor account such as: name, email, account creation date, last sign in date, subject preferences, and more! Each row is information specific to one tutor.

You can scroll left/right to see the more columns.

At the bottom, you can navigate pages by clicking the '<' and '>' arrows. You can also adjust the number of rows you want to see on each page, and you can download all the information on any screen by clicking the 'Download' button in the bottom right.

Additional Side Navigation

On the left side of the screen beneath 'Tutors' in the left menu is a predefined filter that partners frequently use.

  • No active connection - shows you a list of all tutors from your partnership who do not have an active connection with a student.

Search and Filters

Near the top right of the screen are your search and filter options. You can search for a specific tutoring connection by entering the text into the search bar and hitting 'enter.' You can filter which tutoring connections you see by clicking on the filter icon at the top and selecting your filter criteria.

See this GUIDE on how to use Search and Filters!

Tutor Profile View

If you want to view more details about a tutor, simply click on the row which will open the tutor profile view.

Details Tab

This contains information about the student, such as how many times they have signed in and if they have reminders turned on for upcoming sessions.

By hovering your mouse over any of the content in this section, you will see a small clipboard appear. Click the clipboard icon to copy that content.

Student Recommendations Tab

This will show a list of tutors and their email addresses that are a match to both the subject needed for tutoring and the grade level of that student.

Hours Tutored Tab

This is dashboard that will give you a quick look tutoring hours info for the date range you put in the top.

Create Connection Tab

Here, you can enter in the name of a Student you wish to connect with the tutor whose profile you are viewing.

Tutor Profile Menu

Let’s continue to explore this tutor's profile by looking at the left sidebar under the tutor's profile!

  • Tutoring Connections shows all current and previous tutors for this student.
  • Tutoring Sessions shows all previous tutoring sessions for this student. You can see information about each session, such as the length of the session, which tutor held the session, and feedback from the tutor by scrolling to the left and right.
  • Conversations shows any conversations between a tutor or student that occurred over the Direct Messaging feature or SMS feature on the Portal.
  • Availabilities shows the days-of-the-week and time-of-day the student has indicated as being available.
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