Tutoring Connections

Partner Admins at Learn To Be can view their members' tutoring connections. Access to tutor connections provides insight into when tutoring sessions are scheduled and other member activity.

Want to see how many of your members are connected with tutors/students?

Visit the Tutoring Connections Page in your Data Portal!


Below is a view of the tutoring connections tab. The left menu is your primary navigation with links to your partnership's main data pages, and the columns in this view show information relevant to each tutoring connection such as: tutor info, student info, number of messages sent, last activity and when it occurred, and more!

NOTE: Clicking directly on a tutor or student name takes you to their profile. See the the STUDENT and TUTOR profile guides for more information.

You can scroll left/right to see the more columns.

At the bottom, you can navigate pages by clicking the '<' and '>' arrows. You can also adjust the number of rows you want to see on each page, and you can download all the information on any screen by clicking the 'download' button in the bottom right.

Search and Filters

Near the top right of the screen are your search and filter options. You can search for a specific tutoring connection by entering the text into the search bar and hitting 'enter.' You can filter which tutoring connections you see by clicking on the filter icon at the top and selecting your filter criteria.

See this GUIDE on how to use Search and Filters!

Tutoring Connection Details

If you want to view more details about a tutoring connection, simply click on the row. This will open the tutoring connection's view.

At the top you see the tutoring connection ID number along with the Learn To Be phone number used in the texting feature of the connection.

The Details Tab contains all information regarding the activity and status of the tutor and student connection.

The Messages Tab contains all message history related to the tutor and student connection.

The Tutoring Sessions Tab contains a snapshot of the tutoring connection's sessions.

See the Tutoring Sessions Guide for more information on tutoring sessions!

Admins have the ability to disconnect their tutors/students. If you need to do so, click the 'Disconnect Connection' button and a confirmation popup will appear. You'll need to check the box to verify this is the action you wish to take and then click 'Submit.' The tutor and student will then be disconnected.

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