How often are tutors expected to meet with their students?

All of our tutors are volunteers and consist of high school students, college students, professionals, and retired professionals. Tutors are not expected to have direct experience teaching or tutoring, but they should be passionate about educational equity and working with students. 

Our tutors are expected to commit to 60-minute lessons 1-2x per week with their student/s for at least 4 months, although most tutors stay longer! Tutor and students create their own schedules based on what works for them both. Tutors are not expected to create professional and elaborate lesson plans, but if a student doesn’t have homework assignments or test prep, we expect tutors to put in the work and research ways to help their student. We expect tutors to be flexible, open-minded, patient, and empathetic. 

If a student needs more frequent tutoring than 2x per week, please let LTB know by sending us an email at so we can try to help find the student a 2nd tutor. 

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