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How do I....?

Visit our Data Portal Guides for instructions on navigating your Data Portal to view student or tutor information, check past tutoring session logs, update your Partnership Settings, and more.

Can I enroll additional students or tutors into my partnership after the partnership has started?

Yes! Learn to Be encourages Partner Admins to continue recruiting additional tutors and/or students onto the platform. There is no limit for the number of students or tutors you can have in your partnership. If you are enrolling a large quantity of tutors or students onto the platform at once, please let the LTB Outreach team know so we can support.

View the Recruitment Resource Library for more!

I previously had enough tutors and students in my partnership to work together, but now have an unbalanced amount. What should I do?

Please let the LTB Outreach team know so we can open those enrolled in your partnership to General LTB Students or Tutors!

Can I request additional or different data on my Data Dashboard?

Yes! Simply contact the LTB Outreach team to make this request.

Can I request an update or change to a feature on the Portal Landing Page or Data Portal?

Yes! We are always evolving our platform so it remains user friendly and efficient. If you have feedback or suggestions, please share with the LTB Outreach team!

What should I do if I am leaving my current organization and will be changing the Partner Admin Owner?

You can update the Partner Admin Owner under your Partner Settings on the Data Portal to reflect the new primary admin. Please let LTB know of this transition.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?

The Learn to Be Program Team is available to support you with questions or concerns! Contact Emily via Slack or email.


Emily Darcy, Senior Program Coordinator,

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