I connected with a student on the Learn To Be website. What are the next steps?

After connecting with a student, we'll automatically prompt you to send your first message to your student through your LTB portal account, and there will already be a suggested language for your message as we have done the work for you and provided a "Welcome Message" template, including your tutor availability calendar. The message will allow you to introduce yourself and allow your student to select a day/time that works best for your 1st tutoring session. You're welcome to adjust the language as needed. Here's an example of the suggested language for your message:

"Hi [Student] and family! My name is [Tutor] and I'm going to be your Learn To Be tutor! I'm super excited and looking forward to helping you!

The link below is to my calendar. [We seem to live in the same time zone, Pacific Time (US & Canada)], so this will be the easiest way to schedule a time for our first session: [calendar link]

If no times work, send me a message and we can find a time that works best!"

Once again, you are welcome to adjust the language as needed. You can also use your calendar if you want; or if you think it's easier to just find a common time by communicating with the student's family, that's fine, too.

Moreover, within one hour of picking up a student, both you and your student will also receive an email indicating that you've been connected and directing you both to message each other through your LTB portal accounts. If your student is not responding to your messages through the LTB portal, check out this link to learn other ways to get in touch. 

Once you have connected with the student and determined a schedule, you need to input the schedule in your Learn To Be portal. It is important that you do this to trigger email reminders to be sent before each session and to create events giving you access to use our LTB classrooms. Make sure the time you input for tutoring is your local time. Learn To Be will automatically convert the schedule for families into their time zone. For details on how to schedule your sessions on the LTB platform, click here

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