Where does the actual tutoring take place?

Tutoring with LTB takes place through your portal in one of our online classrooms called BigBlueButton, GroupWorld, or Zoom. Click here to watch tutorials on BBB & GW. We don't have Zoom tutorials yet, but you can find lots of videos online with a simple search. 

Tutors can access our classrooms (BBB, GW or Zoom) and share their direct classroom link with their students. This information is found in the "session details" section (screenshot below). This appears AFTER tutors have connected with a student on the platform and scheduled a session. 

On the student side, they simply need to login to their account and click the button "join my tutor's classroom" on their dashboard. They will then to brought automatically to whichever classroom the tutor decides to open. The student does not select the classroom, the tutor selects the classroom. But the tutor should ask if the student has a preference. If the student is very familiar with Zoom, we recommend that tutors use Zoom. 

While we prefer tutors to use one of our classrooms, they may also use an external platform like Google Meets. 

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