How do I connect with a student?

  1. Login to your LTB account and visit or the "Find a Student" tab to view available student profiles
  2. To connect with a student select "More Details" and if they're a good match click "I want to tutor Student's Name". After connecting with a student from their profile page, an automatic email will go out to you and your student. 
  3. Message your student on the platform to introduce yourself and suggest some days/times that work for tutoring to establish a reoccurring schedule. Here is a message template. Please cc all emails available to increase your chances of getting a quick response. 
  4. After working out the best day/time for tutoring, head over to the Learn To Be site and schedule the session for you and your student in the portal calendar. 
  5. Return to the LTB site for the session!
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