Partner Dashboard


Below is a view of the Partner Dashboard. The left menu is your navigation bar. The main portion on the right in this view shows a highlight of the Data Dashboard for your partnership and Quick Links!

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar contains helpful links to resources and information for your Partnership, as well as your personal Account settings.

  • Dashboard will bring you back to this main page from other pages on the platform.
  • Data Portal directs you to a comprehensive view of information regarding your partnership, your Partner Admins, and your partnership account settings.
  • Chat with AI gives you the opportunity to test our new AI chat feature available to students and tutors.
  • Recruitment Resources is our library of recruitment resources designed to assist Partner Admins in recruiting more tutors or students to the platform.
  • Partner Wiki links you to our Help Scout collection of FAQs and helpful information.
  • Account Settings allows you to update basic personal information and update your password for your own account.

Looking for your Partnership Settings? Find that on your Data Portal!

  • Toggle to Tutor View refreshes the Partner Dashboard to the Tutor View. This is for Partner Admins who wish to tutor a student, or those looking to see how a LTB tutor navigates their dashboard.

Highlight of the Data Dashboard

Below is a view of the Data Dashboard. This Dashboard contains data unique to your Partnership.

The bar graph on the left shows you the following information; how many students have enrolled to your partnership, how many students have activated their account by clicking the link in their welcome email and how many tutor applications are pending, approved, denied or missing videos. Hover your curser over one of the bars to see a breakdown of each category for that specific month.

The line graph on the right shows you the number of sessions completed each month for your students or tutors. Hover your curser over one of the dots to see the number of sessions completed between that date and the previous one charted.

Quick Links

Below is a view of the Quick Links portion on your Partner Dashboard. In this section we have compiled links to for recruitment and enrollment, our Partner Wiki, our Slack Channel and the Data Portal.

Still unsure about something? Contact Learn to Be via the "Reach out to Learn to Be support" button at the bottom of the Partner Dashboard page. To quickly get in contact with the Outreach Team, include "Partner Question" or "attn: Outreach" in the subject line!

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