Do I need to log my hours after my tutoring session with a student?

Yes! Please fill out your post-session survey. 

This will let us know how long the session was and this is where you can leave us comments on how to improve and how your student is doing. This is also important because if you don’t fill out the survey, you won’t receive community service hours and Learn To Be won’t be aware of your hours. This is very important for us as an organization because we use our tutoring hours to communicate with donors and write grants that allow us to increase our funding and serve more students. 

After a session on BigBlueButton or Groupworld, you will be redirected to the survey automatically. But if something goes wrong, you can always get back there from the “My Past Sessions” section from your Dashboard. Here is an image: 

If you are tutoring using LTB's Zoom classrooms, you won't be automatically redirected to the feedback form when you end your session, but the session will be listed with 0 length and a button to "Log Hours." Please remember to go back to your "my past sessions" and complete the 1 minute feedback form to log your hours. 

If you are using an external classroom like Google Meets, click here to learn how to log your hours. 

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