I am having audio/video/tech issues. What should I do?

Try exiting out and restarting your session. If that doesn’t fix it, then try restarting your browser/computer and be sure to use Chrome. Ask your student to do the same. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Double check your device settings to allow you to use your audio and video
  • Double check that your browser setting permissions are on and allow your classroom to use your mic, audio and video
  • Be sure to double check with the student and their parent also have their audio/video permissions on for the classroom.

Also, try one of the other classrooms that we have to offer. If that classroom is also not working, see below for other options for tutoring:

  • Use our Online Classroom + a Phone Call: A relatively easy thing to do is to continue to use the online classroom on the Learn To Be site. The classroom can be used for uploading documents, writing, etc. But to talk to your student, just call them on the phone.
  • Awwapp + Phone Call: If you don’t want to use the Learn To Be classroom at all, here is another option. Visit the site https://awwapp.com to get access to a free whiteboard area. You can also invite your student to this classroom by emailing them a link to your whiteboard. That takes care of the writing part. In order to speak to your student, you can call them on the phone (if you both feel comfortable with that). 
  • Google Meets: Go to https://meet.google.com/ and start a meeting. You can invite your student directly from there. 
  • Awwapp + Zoom: If the whiteboard capabilities on zoom isn’t good enough, try awwapp (https://awwapp.com) and Zoom for the audio. 

Please remember to log your hours if you end up having your session off of the LTB platform.

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