How do I know what to work on with my student?

We don’t have a set curriculum at Learn To Be. This means that we rely on you, the student and the parent to figure out what the student needs help with. This is a very independent process.

We recommend you talk with your student/parent to find out what they need help with. Some quick googling should let you find some good PDFs that you can upload to the virtual classroom and work on with your student.

There are also resources available on your LTB portal account. There is a section labeled “Tutoring Resources” in your session details page. This includes a “Reading List”, peer-created resources and online resources which contain links to websites, worksheets, and full PDFs. You can also find the "First Session Checklist" there too!

Knowing where to start can be hard but IXL is a helpful tool that can be used to understand where your student is academically in Math, Writing or Reading! This helpful resource has activities for students in K-12th grade and great curriculum for your student.

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