New Tutor Video On-Boarding

The following short videos will teach you everything you need to know to get started at Learn To Be. This will serve as your new tutor on-boarding. Videos can be watched on 1.5x or even 2x.

Video 1: Welcome to LTB (2m28s)

  • Mission/Vision
  • Who we Serve
  • Tutor Expectations
    • This is the best way to stay in contact with us and your peer tutors. We have a general channel of over 7K tutors to share advice and ask questions.

Video 2: Set up your Tutor Profile (2m3s)

  • Logging into LTB account for first time
  • Finishing your Tutor Profile: LTB does not automatically match students and tutors. Tutors pick the student/s they want to work with.
    • Do not tutor someone older
    • The more open you are to different subjects and ages, the more students you will see available. 

Video 3: Finding & Connecting with a Student (1m56s)

  • Filtering for subject, grade, and availability.
    •  The student's profile will indicate if your availability doesn't match theirs.
  • You can connect with up to 2 students at once.
  • Connecting with a student is serious. These are real people and a real commitment.

Video 4: Communication, Scheduling, & Disconnecting (4m44s)

  • Communicating with students/families
    • Be casual but professional and friendly.
    • The student phone number listed is TEXT ONLY. It will not work if you try to call.
  • Scheduling sessions
  • Releasing students who are unresponsive
    • Wait at least 2-3 days before releasing your student for being unresponsive.
    • Please do your best to get in touch with your student before releasing them. Sometimes they need the extra push.

Video 5: Opening a Classroom & Basic Tutoring Resources (3m10s)

Video 6: Logging your tutoring hours (3m3s)

  • Why it's important to log hours
  • How to Log Hours
  • Requesting Community Service Hours

Video 7: Finding a Substitute Tutor (2m10s)

  • Join Slack:
  • Send a message asking for a substitute or permanent replacement tutor.
  • Connect the tutor with your student via portal
  • Release your student (if this is a permanent replacement. If it's a sub, do not release your student)
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