What Does a Learn To Be Partnership Look Like?

What is a Learn to Be Partnership?

At Learn to Be, we partner with organizations, agencies, school districts and more to provide tutoring, for free, to underserved youth. A partnership is a formal collaboration between Learn to Be and one of these outside organizations to further our mission.

Partner tutors and students have full access to our library of tutoring resources and platform features. Additionally, Partner Admins can view a variety of data regarding their partnership on our Data Portal. Depending on the needs of the outside organization, Learn to Be can support three different types of Partnerships.

The three types of Partnerships

  • Student Partnership is an organization that brings students in need of tutoring to the platform.
  • Tutor Partnership is an organization that brings tutors to the platform.
  • Platform Partnership is an organization, school, agency, etc. that has their own tutors and their own students and utilizes our platform to facilitate their tutoring sessions. Sometimes, Platform Partners might have an imbalance of tutors and students. In this case, they are able to work with individuals on our platform from outside their Partnership.

Platform Features

We've designed a platform to facilitate tutoring sessions that is easy to navigate for our students and tutors, and informative for our Partner Admins.

Student and Tutor Connections

We empower our tutors to make their own decisions, which is why Learn to Be Staff does not match the students and tutors together. Tutors are able to view a list of students in need of tutoring, called our Student Queue, to pick their own students! The Student Queue is filtered for each tutor, meaning the tutor will only see students who need tutoring in a specific subject in a grade they feel comfortable tutoring.

95% of students are connected to a tutor in less than 3 and a half days!


We understand that communication is not one size fits all, so we've developed multiple features on our platform to help keep tutors and students responsive. Tutors and students are able to direct message on our platform, while receiving email notifications of these messages. Each tutor and student pair is also assigned a unique phone number in which they can text. This third phone number allows the students and tutors to text back and forth without having to reveal their own personal number.


Tutors can easily schedule three months of reoccurring 1-on-1 tutoring sessions via the platform. Tutors can also share their calendar with their student, allowing the student to pick a time that works best for them out of the tutor's availability. Tutors can also host group events and can practice hosting sessions during demo events.


Sessions occur right on our platform making it easy for both students and tutors to join. Learn to Be has subscriptions to Zoom, Big Blue Button, and Group World for hosting sessions. Tutors have full access to all features on these platforms, such as screen sharing and whiteboard. Sessions are automatically logged onto the tutor and student's profile and recorded for safety purposes. Tutors and students are prompted to fill out a short, feedback form after each session to track progress and make note of any tech issues.

In the first five months of 2023, Learn to Be has served over 2,000 students through over 23,900 tutoring hours!


We've developed a number of resources to support our tutors and students. These include subscriptions to education skill building websites, such as IXL, peer created tutoring resources, lesson planning guides and a free book library. Tutors are also encouraged to join our Slack channel, providing them with a network of support from other tutors.

Expectations of Partners

We ask that Partners work with Learn to Be staff to support partner tutors and students. Partners are expected to:

  • Designate a Partner Owner Admin, and additional Partner Admin if applicable. The name and email address of the Partner Owner Admin must be provided to Learn to Be staff for the creation of the account.
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Learn to Be is happy to consider an alternative MOU from the organization.
  • Be a point of contact for their tutors and/or students and serve as a liaison between their tutors and/or students and Learn to Be staff.
  • Support Learn to Be staff in keeping all tutoring connections active and responsive.
  • Encourage all tutors and/or students to complete the post session feedback forms.
  • Will share student exam score increases or academic growth with Learn to Be staff when applicable.
  • Work with Learn to Be staff to continue bringing more students or tutors onto the platform via their unique application URL provided on their Data Portal.
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