What questions should I ask my student's parent/guardian to get to know them?

An important part of the tutoring process is getting to know your student. A quick conversation with their parent/guardian will help you learn about the student, establish trust, and understand the parent/guardian’s involvement in the student's education. 

You don't need to ask all of these, just the ones you find the most important:

  1. What are your student's greatest strengths and skills?
  2. What is your student passionate about- both academic & just general interests/hobbies? 
  3. Why do you think your student needs help in <insert subject>? What do they have a hard time with?
  4. What would make tutoring an inviting and comfortable place for your student? 
  5. What are your fears or concerns about your child this school year?
  6. What goals do you have for your student? Where would you like them to be by the end of tutoring? 
  7. Aside from better grades, is there anything else you hope your student gains from this experience? 
  8. What strategies would you recommend I use to work best with your student?  Frequent breaks? Incorporating videos? Using incentives? Playing music? etc. 
  9. Is there anything else you can tell me about your child that you think would help me support his/her learning?
  10.  How would you like to stay in communication this year?

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