How do I tutor using Zoom?

Here are steps to tutoring on Zoom through Learn To Be:

Please keep in mind: you and your student will need to have the Zoom app installed on your computer. Our goal is to have this work with Zoom in the browser soon.

  1. Log in to your Learn To Be account. Once logged in, you should see your student's name and the upcoming sessions with your student.  Select "Session Details":

  2. Now you will be able to see more information about the upcoming session you will have. You will be able to see a section where you can choose which classroom type you'd like to use. Select Zoom as an option under the "Which classroom would you like to use?" section. Selecting Zoom as your classroom will automatically assign you to one of our pad Zoom classrooms. This means that you will not be cut off at 40 mins!
  3. Your Zoom classroom will load as it normally does like with BBB and GW, all sessions will be recorded automatically. A message will pop up when you open a Zoom class and you must agree to be recorded to proceed. These recordings are stored for safety and quality assurance purposes. They will not be shared out publicly without consent.

4. When you end Your Zoom classroom it will not automatically redirect you back to the LTB website. You will need to manually return to the LTB website and you will see this page below which will have a button at the top right corner labeled "End this class". Click there and you will be redirected to submit your feedback form to record the session actually occured:

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