I need a substitute tutor for an upcoming session/s. How do I find someone?

Finding a substitute tutor is NOT required, but it is encouraged. If you need cancel or reschedule a session, it's OK. We understand that life happens! But please don't make this the norm, and if you need to cancel but your student really needs the help, it's your responsibility to find a substitute.

The best way to find a temporary sub is by posting on the #find-a-substitute-tutor Slack channel. An example message could look like this:

"Hello! I am looking for a substitute tutor for 2 sessions next week. The student is a 1st grader who needs help with reading. The sessions will be next Tuesday, Sept 10th and Thursday, Sept 12th at 4pm PST both days. Please DM me if you're available to help and I'll share more details! Thank you!"

Once you have found a substitute, you can connect them with your student through your portal account. Simply follow these steps:  'My students' < 'details' < 'more actions' < 'connect this student with another tutor.'  You must then input the new tutor's email address (one that is associated with LTB). 

Connecting them with a substitute tutor will not disconnect them from you so when you are able to resume lessons again, you don't need to worry about reconnecting with the student. However you should tell the substitute tutor to release the student after they are done subbing. When they release the student they should NOT add them back to the queue because the student will still be connected with their permanent tutor. 

**Be sure to inform the family if you find a substitute tutor.

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