I am no longer able to tutor. Do I need to find a replacement tutor for my student?

There are a few options here. If you are no longer able to tutor your student, you can do one of the following: 

  • Add to Queue: Release your student through your account and add them back to the queue to be connected with a new tutor. Be sure to communicate this with the family. After you click to release your student and add them back to the queue, you will have the option to update their profile for them (this isn't required). If the family needs a tutor to continue working with them in the same subject that you were supporting, you can update the student's profile with any significant information that might help the next tutor determine if they are a good match for the student. Once the profile is updated, a tutor will likely connect with them within 1-2 days. 
  • Search on Slack: The other option is to post on the #find-a-substitute-tutor Slack channel to look for another tutor. Many tutors who have been working with their students long-term prefer to find their own replacements so they feel more confident that their student will be taken care of. If you decide to go with this option, here is an example of something you might post: 

"Hi, I have an 8th grade student who needs help with english and math. The family is very engaged and involved in the student's education. They are looking for someone who can work with them 1-2x per week anytime on the weekdays after 3pm PST. Please DM me if you’re interested and I can share more details" 

Once you find a replacement tutor on Slack, you can then connect them directly with your student through your LTB portal account. If you can't find a replacement for more than 2-3 days, we would recommend releasing your student and adding them to the queue so that our tutors who aren't on Slack can pick them up. 

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