How do I get connected to a tutor?

Congrats! And welcome to LTB!

In your LTB acceptance email, there will be a button to "activate" your account. Clicking "activate" means your student application will be generated into your profile (screenshot below) and then added to our queue for tutors to view and connect with. It can take up to 1 week for a tutor to connect with you. If you are waiting longer than 1 week for a connection, please contact us at 

*If you're not sure if your account is activated, log in to your portal account using the email you used to enroll. Your portal account will indicate if your have a profile in the queue or note. 

Once a tutor connects with you, you will receive an email from Learn To Be informing you of the connection and instructions to contact your tutor via our internal messaging system. You should message your tutor to work out a recurring schedule for the tutoring and the classroom you prefer to use. You will then log in to your LTB portal to receive tutoring on the date/time you agreed on!

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