What is a group event?

Group events are another way to tutor with Learn To Be! But the difference is that many students can join these group events. How to get started? 

After logging in, click on "My Past Group Events". This page will display all past events you created. If you're reading this, you probably haven't done that yet! In the top right, click on "Create A New Event". 

Once on that page, select the date of your event and what subject you want to teach. To date, most tutors host sessions related to reading where you pick a book you want to read with a set of students. But you can teach anything you feel comfortable teaching! 

Fill out the rest of the form describing your group event, what age levels are appropriate and how many people you want to attend. 

After creating this event, we will send out notifications every couple of days to our Learn To Be families and they will be able to RSVP for these events. 

NOTE: Make sure you schedule your event well into the future so that you give families a chance RSVP. 

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